Apostolate 70th anniversary


2017 was the 70th anniversary of our founding. It finds us united in the gratitude and awareness of having received a Gift of the Holy Spirit to make the Church and the world a welcoming space where even the most fragile people have their place and mission. We are grateful to Blessed Luigi Novarese and Sister Elvira Myriam Psorulla for having first received this gift which they personally lived and shared with us in this long associative history of the Apostolate of the Suffering (CVS). The aim of our Apostolate is to carry our cross with Jesus, in union with His Mother, to ransom — through the offering of our sacrifices — many souls who are in danger of being lost. A vocation to suffering consists in the acceptance of sorrow and it’s burden, transforming it into a sacrifice to God. We should always remember Blessed Luigi Novarese’s charisma, which emphasizes our important role as active participants in God’s kingdom. He taught us that our Volunteers of Suffering Members have a special mission evangelizing in their communities through God’s grace. They are committed to professing their faith, in giving meaning to their pain when uniting it to that of Christ. NOTE: The Volunteer of Suffering Members are the most important members, without whom there would be no Apostolate of the Suffering. These are the ill who voluntarily offer their suffering to our Lord through Our Blessed Mother; hence their title “Volunteers of Suffering.” This does not mean they have asked for or desire to suffer, but it does mean they have accepted that which they can not change, and are offering it up to save souls. Brothers and Sisters of The Sick are those who join with the Volunteers of Suffering, sharing in their spirituality and helping to sustain the sick through catering to their needs in their surroundings. Suffering is not limited to physical illness. Many healthy looking people suffer greatly — mentally, morally, or spiritually.

Published on 3 January 2018


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