Prayer: "Help me. Mother, our Lady"
Help me, Mother, Our Lady to look beyond the darkness grasping my soul. Let me see something other than myself.
Pain grips me. Life seems over, but You say it's not true: "You have a chance."
How is all this possible, when there is darkness and isolation in my heart, there is emptiness in each day?
Lift me up. Let me see the beauty of the spiritual, rather than the material things. Guide me to understand the true meaning of life.
Show me new horizons, new possiblities, that go beyond tangible things.
Let me comprehend I can break out of my loneliness. I can be useful even if bedridden. There is always meaning to any life. Amen. (from Prayers and Exhortations of Blessed Luigi Novarese, 2015)
It is a way of seeing things infused by the Holy Spirit in the minds and the hearts of those who are sensitive to the sufferings of their brothers and sisters and who can see in them the image of God. (The 23rd World Day of the Sick)

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