following Saint Ignatius of Loyola

Luigi Novarese had a brilliant idea that no one had ever tried: Organize Spiritual Retreats for the diversely able.

The suffering needed spiritual aid so that their faith could mature. Blessed Novarese understood the great importance of this interior world of the sick; it was a fundamental part of their affronting their illnesses. Thus, he organized Spiritual Retreats following Saint Ignatius of Loyola’s method.

Prayer and living the evangelical message were fundamental. Themes dealt with spiritual commitment no matter what the person’s physical condition was.

The first Spiritual Retreats took place at the Oropa Sanctuary in Northern Italy in 1952, but the facility was not organized for the diversely able. So Blessed Novarese decided to build the Immaculate Heart of Mary Sanctuary in Re, Northern Italy and a few years later another Sanctuary in southern Italy at Valleluogo.

Today, both sanctuaries hold Spiritual Retreats dedicated to the suffering.

The Silent Workers of the Cross organize single-day retreats for the suffering abroad on various pertinent themes for spiritual growth as well.