CRRF “Msgr. Luigi Novarese”

The Msgr. Luigi Novarese Hospital in Piemonte (Northern Italy) is an excellent facility. It is located at the Trompone Sanctuary at Moncrivello (Vercelli) and has the newest technology available.

The Silent Workers of the Cross created this for the professional growth of the diversely able in the 1970s. Since 2000, it has been a rehabilitation center for orthopedic, neurological and cardiovascular patients.


Psycho Motor Rehabilitation Center “Msgr. Luigi Novarese”

The Psycho Motor Rehabilitation Center “Msgr. Luigi Novarese” is a private facility associated with the Italian National Health Service in Ariano Irpino (AV), Southern Italy.

It was inaugurated in 1988 focusing on the re-education of those who can improve their physical condition becoming actively inserted into society.


“Our Lady of Fatima” Rehabilitation Center

The Our Lady of Fatima Rehabilitation Center is at Meldola (FC). Some patients come on a daily basis and others have a permanent residence here. It is part of the Italian National Health Service and has patients with physical or psychological disabilities aiding in their recovery and integration into society.


The Bethléem Foundation of Mouda-Maroua, Cameroon

This center is part of PIME (Pontifical Missionary Institute Abroad) and the Silent Workers of the Cross Association. It was founded in 1977 by Father Danilo Fenaroli.
This Center gives haven to orphan children, the diversely able and widows. It organizes courses in various sectors: wood sculpture, batik, sewing, leather goods, carpentry, farming and welding. There is also a school for the deaf.