Through the Intercession of Blessed Luigi Novarese

O Father, source of forgiveness and consolation,
We thank You for the gifts
You have given to Blessed Luigi Novarese,
Founder of the Silent Workers of the Cross
and the Apostolate of the Suffering.
Through the grace of the Holy Spirit,
You have made him
A Priest of Your crucified and resurrected Son,
an Apostle of His loving forgiveness.
O Father, let us follow his extraordinary example
of devotion to and trust in the Immaculate Virgin
while serving the Church
in the acceptance of suffering
and in making it saintly as a holy time
where Your great endeavors are revealed
in the encouragement of the suffering
to live Christian lives.
O Father,
make us real role models of Christ,
and through the intercession of Blessed Luigi Novarese,
grant us the favor that we beg You,
Lord almighty and everlasting in Your love.
Glory be to the Father. . .
Blessed Luigi Novarese, pray for us.

Frascati, Italy – April 23, 2013
Imprimatur – Raffaello Martinelli
Bishop of Frascati

Anyone receiving favors through the intercession of Blessed Luigi Novarese
is asked to send a written account to:
Head Office
Silent Workers of the Cross
Via di Monte del Gallo, 105
00165 Roma, Italia
Tel.: 06 39674243
Fax: 06 39637828
e-mail: direzionegenerale@luiginovarese. org