Our Mission: an Exodus

Our mission is to proclaim the Gospel and we have a specific role within the Church.

Our members who have consecrated their lives to the suffering share Blessed Novarese’s charismatic ideas for the diffusion of the Apostolate of the Suffering (CVS) throughout the world.

The Silent Workers of the Cross are present in Cameroon and in Columbia. They emphasize the vital role of the suffering in society and work for the members’ spiritual growth and active participation in the local parishes. They organize a wide range of activities: workshops, meetings, Spiritual Retreats, physiotherapy as well as overseeing the role of the diversely able in their parishes’ activities. Thus, members can become actively involved in all aspects of Church life.

In Cameroon:

The Bethléem Center is situated in Mouda, a small village about 33 kilometers from Maroua, the provincial capital in the extreme northern part of Cameroon.

It is a rehabilitation center and gives hospitality to the suffering. It is run by the Silent Workers of the Cross and the PIME (Pontifical Missionary Institute Abroad).

This Center gives haven to orphan children, the diversely able and widows. It organizes courses in various sectors: wood sculpture, batik, sewing, leather goods, carpentry, farming and welding.

In Columbia:

The Silent Workers of the Cross Community is present in two dioceses: Buenaventura (Valle) and Villavicencio (Meta) since 2005. There are diocesan associations of the Apostolate of the Suffering: “Compartiendo habilidades diferentes e Compartiendo dones en fratenidad.” The aim is to aid the suffering to become active participants in the evangelization of the Church by living the charismatic role of the Apostolate in areas where they are not integrated.