A Passion for the Media

Luigi Novarese always looked ahead and he understood the importance of the mass media in communicating. In 1950, The Anchor magazine began publication and in 1983, The Health Anchor (AUS) magazine was added.

On October 7, 1949, the radio program, “The Fourth Hour of Serenity” became a reality. Ten years later, the Apostolate of Suffering publications sent Luigi Novarese’s message to the four corners of the globe.

There are also video productions: “Immaculate Heart of Mary Sanctuary” in Re, Northern Italy, dealing with the Spiritual Retreats and the Marian Priest League’s “Pilgrimage to Lourdes.”

At present, each year, there are two Apostolate magazines: The Anchor and The Health Anchor, 15 books composed of pastoral guidelines and religious texts for meditation and prayer.

A weekly program, “Meeting Serenity,” takes place on Vatican Radio and a monthly program, “Me,” is on “Blessed Virgin Mary’s Radio” station in Italy.